When was cable tv invented

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When we watch tv we all want to know when was cable tv invented?. In cable tv any network or channel uses a cable to transmit television programs. This television uses radio signals via coaxial cables or fiber optic cable line. We can see that cable tv has great competition with the tv with broadcast and satellite. Cable television was invented to solve the problems of remote customers. It was difficult for the remote customers to access tv programming or receive a poor connection through antenna radio waves. For remote customers, cable tv played a vital role in bringing better tv programming services.

when was cable tv invented

Working principle of cable tv

After knowing when was cable tv invented? we should know the working principle of cable tv. Cable tv is different from broadcast TVs.Broadcast television can send tv radio signals through the air. In this case, consumers receive the tv signal with an antenna attached to the TV. Cable TVs use coaxial or fiber optic cables. In this case, they use utility power to reach the consumers.

Cable tv started journey 

Cable tv became available in the united states in 1948. It became popular in American homes in 1989.At first cable tv was invented in pennyselvenia. At first it was invented due to solve the problems of the consumers who could not get the radio waves due to mountains and building blocking.John watson was the first man who first invented cable tv. After watson’s invention many other individuals contributed a lot in cable industry. Robert tarlton was the first man who created a cable tv company commercially  in 1950. After his successful contribution,the popularity and demand for the cable tv increased across the country.

Overall History of the cable tv

When was cable tv invented? Cable tv was first invented in the united states in 1948. It was created to overcome the poor reception signals in remote areas for example mountain or hill areas. John walson was the first man who created the cable tv. From 1948 to 1950 small companies established cable tv networks in Pennsylvania. In 1948 CATV systems were set up in remote areas. In 1949 the fcc tried to slow the rapid growth of cable services by placing a freeze on licensing. In the late 1950s, cable operators took broadcast signals from hundred miles away.

In 1952 NCTA is formally organIzed. In 1953 catv system uses microwave relay sgnals. In 1957 master antenna concept was applied to CATV system. After a few years in 1962 eight hundred cable systems were established. In 1960S well-known cable companies invested in cables. 

In 1972, the cable television industry established the first pay-for-cable channel on cable. this year some networks used satellite signals and cable to offer more programs. After that cable tv users increased day by day. In 1979 sixteen million households had cable subscription. In 1984 federal government dials back on the cable  regulation. After few years in 1989 seventy nine programs were offered on most cable networks. In 1992 satellite based cable services increased despite the regulation of rising prices. Many programs were offered through cable television in 1995. In 1996 cable TVs crossed the margin of 65 million cable tv subscribers. Cable subscribers increased day by day. After that in late 1990s, cable tv industry invested the billions of dollars in developing coaxial cables.

In 1998 AT & T enters the cable TV business. In 2000s we get a full-service offer from like internet,phone and tv. In the mid 2000s cable companies offer high speed internet to compete with other services offering Internet.

According to the reports, in 2000s growth of cable tv subscribers increased more. But by 2013  cable television subscription rate has declined. Some telephone service providers started offering television by 2013. 

Cable television programming 

Besides knowing when was cable tv invented? we should know cable television programming.

Basic Cable 

Cable television demand programming is divided between basic and premium television. In cable programming, The basic cable network has carriage on the lowest service tiers of multichannel television providers. A basic cable network depends on mix of per-subscriber carriage fees. We need a basic cable television service. In this basic cable service, all users need to subscribe for having the transmission of local broadcast television signals. The first basic cable network was TBS. It was starting for other major basic cable packages. In basic cable packages, we get many channels. 

Premium cable 

We get premium cables in two areas. Currently, the premium cable includes HBO, SHO, STARZ, etc. For these broadcast channels, cable viewers need to pay extra in addition to the basic cable service. Now, there are many major broadcast networks. HBO was the first premium cable network.

Digital cable

In cable industry digital cable services provide many more television channels. Digital cable converts cable channels to digital signals. Digital cable television offers more television channels over the same bandwidth. In this case, cable providers covert analog cable signals to digital signals. We also see digital compression here. Digital cable television channels offer more quality pictures than analog channels.

In this case, cable television subscribers wish to have a special cable converter box.

First commercial system

The first commercial television system was developed in the united states in 1950. It was developed by Robert tarlton. He organized group of fellow retailers to offer distant television signals from Pennsylvania broadcast stations.The system got popularity afterr featuring in newspaper.For this system, Tarlton used equipment that was manufactured by Jerrold electronics. After that, the company became famous for building equipment for cable industry. Tarlton helped many cable operators to train.

How are tvs measured

As tv is a great telecommunication media in the current world, we should know how are tvs measured?. TV plays an important role in providing information. From education to entertainment we can enjoy various types of programs.


From this article, we can know about cable tv properly. We can also know when was cable tv invented? This article is really helpful to know about cable tv from its beginning to its current position.

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