Apartment size washer machine

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 Apartment size washer machine is a compact washer. We can see that it is smaller than full-size unit. It has a top-load design. It is a portable washer that has two hoses. We clip one hose onto our sink’s faucet via an included adapter and another sits in our sink to allow wash water to drain out. Normally standard washers are 24 inches wide. They are also available 24 to 26 inches deep and 33 to 36 inches tall. At the time of using a laundry stacking kit, a stackable washer and dryer combo can be up to 72 inches tall.

Apartment size washer machine

Why do we need an apartment-size washer machine?

We need an apartment-size washer machine in our apartment so that we can solve the load of clothes problems. We don’t need to go outside with the laundry baskets. If we do not have a washer and dryer in the apartment we should install the appliances. If the apartment does not have an existing connection we need to install a portable washing machine that runs on a 120-volt electrical outlet.

Which factors should we consider before buying?

We should choose a small washing machine for 1-2 people. We can choose it for 12-14 pounds of laundry per load. For 2-4 people we can choose a medium washing machine. We can choose it for 14-16 pounds of laundry. For five or more people we can choose big size washing machine. It is perfect for 20-25 pounds of laundry per load.

When we buy apartment-size washer machines we should consider the following things.

1. Measure the actual size of the space.

2. Vented or ventless option.

3. Stacked washer and dryer.

4. Stacked laundry center.

5. Compact washer dryer.

6. Portable laundry washer and portable dryer.

1. Measure the actual size of the space.

When space is a vital issue we need to buy the actual size of the washer and dryer before buying. We should measure the actual height, depth, and width of the space. When we buy top-load washers we need 20 inches of space to open the washer lid. On the other hand for front-load washers and dryers, we need enough clearance to open the door. We need to ensure proper air circulation. As a result, we should maintain 1 inch of space on either side of the washer and dryer. We should also add 6 inches of space behind the dryer for vents and hookups.

2.Vented or ventless option

Before buying we should check the vent or ventless option. The dryer unit always plays an important role. A vented dryer takes the humid air. In the case of a ventless dryer, we do not need a vent because hot air is recycled in the dryer. A vented dryer has a large drum. It can dry clothes faster than a ventless dryer. We should place a vented dryer near a window and exterior wall so that it can vent air properly. On the other hand, we can place a vented dryer anywhere because it does not need duct. It takes a long time to dry clothes. Excess heat temperature and humidity can lead to mold growth.

3. Stacked washer and dryer 

We should choose the stacked washers and dryers. It is versatile. We can install them side by side. They are the best items for small spaces.

4. Stacked laundry center 

We can also choose a stacked laundry center. It is one unit. It is like a stacked washer and dryer. There is one difference that it is attached.

5. Compact washer dryer 

We should choose a compact washer and dryer because we get all the facilities in one unit. We need an all-in-one washer. It is also perfect for small spaces. We do not need a washer or dryer hookup. It needs a 120-Volt outlet. It can access to cold water. It takes three to six hours to complete the cycle.

6. Portable washing machines and portable dryers

We should choose portable washing machines and portable dryers because they can be placed in small spaces. They can be moved from one place to another place easily. We can see a small drum size here. As a result, a small amount of clothes is washed and dried here. They are top load. Like full-size models. They run on electricity. some have venting options. We can see that some connect to sinks or bathtubs. We can also see that some need a drain and water source.

How can we use an apartment washer?

We can use an apartment washer by the following steps.

1. At first we need to gather laundry.

2. We should connect the hose to the faucet or we need to pour water into the washer just below the line.

3. We should ensure that there are no leaks during the wash cycle. For this reason, we need to set the nozzle for draining in the tub or in a bucket.

4. We need to plug in the washer and set the time and wash cycle.

5. We should pour in detergent.

We do not need the proper hook-up for all washers. We can buy the portable washer and dryer combo.By using it we can do our laundry with just an electrical outlet and access to cold water. We can use an apartment-size washer machine for 10-13 years. For cleaning the washing machine we can use try bleach to remove odors, build up and hard water. We can also use vinegar to remove excessive suds.

Where should we put the washer machine in the apartment?

When we buy a washing machine we need to put it in a proper place. Here are the following places we can select.

1.Under the washbasin counter.

2. In the shower stall.

3. Under the kitchen counter.

4. In the pantry.

5. Under an island.

6. On the landing.

7. Under the staircase.

8. In a wardrobe.

In case of a small space, we can keep washer & dryer inside the kitchen or bathroom or directly next to one of those rooms. It is easy to route plumbing this way. It is not permissible to washer & dryer in the bedroom closet.

We should not dry clothes in ill-ventilated rooms during the winter otherwise we can see mold, fungus and bacteria. Due to wet clothes we can face condensation and mold issue problems.

Best apartment-size washer and dryer 

There are many washing machines in the market. We should choose a compact washer dryer combo. Here is a description of some good-quality laundry machines.

Comfee portable washing machine

It is a fully automatic machine. It has different types of programs and water levels. We can start the machine quickly. We can customize washing programs by selecting load size. It is energy efficient. It has a powerful motor. We can save energy. It is a compact washing machine. we can store it easily. It is a transparent lid design item. We can easily see and monitor the washing condition.

Panda washing machine and dryer

It is one of the compact laundry solutions. We can use it for small space. It has stainless steel drum. It has spin cycle option. It has maximum 840 rpm spin speed. It is fully automatic machine. We can operate it easily. It is a great electric washer. We can use this mini washer in the apartment easily. It is perfect for small load capacity.

Helohom portable washing machine 

It is a great washer. We can use it in small spaces. It has an automatic spin dryer. It has a larger capacity. We can operate it easily. It has led display. It has different water levels and different water temperatures. It has a time controllable function. It has a great dry cycle with drain pump. We can install it easily. It has a simple water connection. It is eco-friendly. We can save energy and time. It is portable. We can move it from one place to another place easily.

Largest capacity top load washer


Apartment-size washers and dryers are compact appliances. When we use this we should not worry about the space. By using this we can get facilities like full-size washers. They are more effective when we get helpful customer service as well as customer support. Hope this article will help us to know more about apartment size washer machine.

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