Large capacity stackable washer and dryer

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When we have small space we can use a large capacity stackable washer and dryer. In our modern age, we can find different types of washers in the market. Before buying we should consider the space. When we do not have a traditional laundry room or enough laundry space we can buy the large capacity stackable washer and dryer. We can’t stack a  washer and dryer unless they are compatible with stacking. We can see that normally a stackable washer-dryer combo has a smaller capacity than standard side-by-side alternatives.

Large capacity stackable washer and dryer

How can we buy a good large-capacity stackable washer and dryer?

When we want to buy a good quality large capacity stackable washer and dryer we should consider the following things.


Stackable washers and dryers are vital when we have less space. Before buying we need to measure the space so that we can fit the stackable units properly in our space. Stackable washers and dryers are compact models. They are used in fewer spaces. Though compact washers offer fewer laundry loads we can clean properly. We do not go to the laundry center.


Price is another important factor. Stackable washers and dryers are costly. We should buy according to our budget. When we buy from load stackable washers and dryers we can save money in energy costs over time.  In the case of top load washer at the time of buying we may spend less but over time we need to spend more to run.


We should also consider compatibility. We should consider space, electricity, and water hookup. When we do not have these types of facilities we can choose a model that does not need any special hookups. For installation, we can call an electrician and plumber. We know that a standard home outlet is 120-Volt outlet. But we can see that the front-loading washer and dryer may also require a 240-volt connection. On the other hand, small washer-dryer combos also work with a 120-volt work-through.

Energy use 

Energy use is another important issue. We should choose energy star certified washers and dryers. We can see that most of the stackable washers and dryers are front-loading washers. We can save energy by using energy star certified products. Before buying we should check the energy star rating. Gas dryers can save more on energy costs over time. Though gas dryer sets cost much at the time of installation. But over time we can save energy.


There are many appliance brands in the market. We should choose a good quality stackable washer and dryer. Before buying we need to see the customer reviews, warranties etc.


We should also pay for the configuration. We can find the top-loading and front-loading configurations. Top-loading machines are less expensive but front-loading machines are more energy efficient.

Different types of stackable washers and dryers 

In the case of stackable washers and dryers, we can find several types. Here is the description of them.

Laundry units

We can find a washer, dryer, and stacking kit in one purchase.As we get all together we should not worry about the installation and setting. We can easily set up two units. They will fit seamlessly.

Front loading washer and dryer 

Many times we can buy the washer and dryer separately and then stack them. In this case, we need to buy the front-loading washer and dryer. We should not worry about stacking. They are designed so properly that we can easily stack them. When we buy separate front-load units we should buy a stacking unit separately. We should also ensure that all the sizes for the three products match up. We have enough room to pick each specific appliance. In the case of the energy-efficient issue, they are the best options. But for combining all the parts we need to give more effort. They often require higher voltage outlets.

Top quality brand

There are many brands in the market. Here is the description of some top-quality brands.


It is one of the top-quality brands. We always get standard models. We can get many positive reviews for laundry appliances. We also get complaints from the users about the products. They can be installed properly. We also find the complaints about the dryer unit that Many times they can’t dry properly. They should be more durable according to price.


It is another great brand. We get popular models from this brand. Laundry machines work properly. They always ensure quiet operation.Stacking kits can be easily installed. We find some complaints about customer service.


We can also get products from whirlpool. It always produces smart washers. For this brand, we can find mixed reviews. Some models have great reviews and some models get complaints. We find objections about sound, larger loads management, balance, etc. We also get positive reviews about longevity, price,etc.


It is another well-known brand. We can find standard washers from here. They are always perfect for tight spaces. Cleaning performance is satisfactory. We do not need extra space. We get complaints about the drying quality.

Best large capacity stackable washer and dryer 

There are many large-capacity washers and dryers in the market. Here is the description of some items.

GEGFW850sPNRS w/Bulk Dispenser

It has an ultra-fresh vent system with a door lock. It is a large type of washer. It removes excess moisture. It ensures the washer is fresh and clean. It has microban antimicrobial technology. It can protect the gasket, dispenser, and draining system. It has smart dispensing technology. It can hold up to 32 loads of detergent. It sanitizes fabrics. It can kill 99 percent of bacteria and allergens.

It is built-in wi-fi capability. We can get a regular update. We can monitor a load of laundry from anywhere. It has dynamic balancing technology. During spin cycle times we can balance the uneven loads.

As it has a reversible door we can get a flexible installation. It is a great washing machine with great wash quality. It has an accelerated wash cycle with a deep water wash. It is gentle on fabric. We can use it easily.

LG studio single unit front load wash tower 

It is a larger capacity lean cleaning machine. It is a great LG washtower. It has a great control panel. By using it we can save energy. It has a great design.

It is a stacked washer that has a speed wash cycle. It has stainless steel wash basket. It does not take long wash times here. We get a quick wash here. As it has super speed wash it needs a shorter wash time. It has great washer capacity.

It is AAFA certified with allergien. As a result, we can 95 percent of pet dander and dust.

It is an energy star stackable machine. It has additional features. It ensures fabric softener.

It uses smart technology. It has key features. It can control the moisture level properly.

LG electronics are compact machines. They have smart features.

Disadvantages of stackable washer and dryer units

When we have stackable washer and dryer units we can get many advantages. Besides the advantages, we also face some problems. When washers and dryers are sold as pairs we can find sometimes one is better than another. Washers may break down before dryers or vice versa. To solve these problems some people buy washers and dryers separately.

Apartment size washer machine


When we live in an apartment many times we may not have huge capacity. We need a stackable washer and dryer so that we can solve the problems. There are many items in the market. We should select the compact option. Hope this article will help us to choose the best one.

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