Find the top refrigerator 66 inches tall

Refrigerators that stand 66 inches tall are readily available on the market. The height range for most refrigerators is between 62 to 72 inches. For those looking to purchase a fridge, French door and side-by-side refrigerators often offer greater height and width compared to other types. Top mount refrigerators typically measure between 65 to 69 inches in height. Counter-depth refrigerators tend to be slightly taller than traditional models. Standard built-in refrigerators have a height of 84 inches, although some models range from 72 to 80 inches. To ensure accurate height measurements for installation, one should start from the floor and measure to the bottom of any cabinets above the intended fridge space. It is also important to consider the height of the hinge, as it can add an additional inch to the overall height of the refrigerator.

Find the top refrigerator 66 inches tall

How to find the proper size refrigerator

When considering the purchase of a 66-inch tall refrigerator, it’s crucial to understand the appropriate size for your needs. The market offers various refrigerator types, but not all may suit your kitchen space. It’s important to consider standard refrigerator sizes and their respective categories. Here are descriptions of four common types:

Top freezer refrigerators typically have wide shelves and compact dimensions, with the freezer occupying about one-third of the space at the top. These units are known for reliability and often include an ice maker. The height of top freezer refrigerators generally ranges from 61 3/4” to 66 1/4”.

Bottom freezer refrigerators feature the main compartment on the top two-thirds and the freezer at the bottom, making the main compartment more accessible at eye level. They offer good energy efficiency, although not as much as top-freezer models. The freezer compartment is designed to maintain cold temperatures efficiently. Heights for these units typically span from 67” to 70”.

Side-by-side refrigerators provide both a main compartment and a freezer, with upper shelves for both sections at a convenient eye level. The shelves are narrower, facilitating storage from top to bottom without bending over for everyday items. Lifespan for such models ranges from 8 to 12 years. The height for side-by-side refrigerators lies between 65 7/8” and 71 1/4”, and for French door models between 68 1/2” and 71 1/4”.

French door refrigerators offer easy access to food with their wide bottom freezer and broader shelves, maximizing top-shelf utility. Expected use is around 10 to 12 years. The height for French door refrigerators typically extends from 68 1/2” to 70 1/8”.

Counter-depth refrigerators vs standard depth refrigerators: In addition to height and width, depth is another consideration. Counter-depth fridges are ideal for saving space and creating a seamless look in the kitchen, while standard depth refrigerators provide more storage space and may be preferable for larger households.

Description of the refrigerators 66 inches tall 

Different 66-inch tall refrigerators offer a range of features and capacities to fit various needs. Here’s a brief description of each model:

  1. WRS321SDHZ Whirlpool: This refrigerator stands at 66 inches tall, with a width of 32 3/4″ and a depth of 28″ (excluding doors). It features LED lighting, a built-in ice maker, and is made from stainless steel. Its refrigerator capacity is 21 cu.ft.
  2. WRS321SDHB Whirlpool: Equipped with LED lighting and a built-in ice maker in black, it has a height of 66 5/8” and a depth of 28″. This model includes frameless glass shelves and adjustable gallon door bins, along with interior LED lighting.
  3. WRS321SDHV Whirlpool: With a height of 66 inches, a width of 33″, and a depth of 28″ (excluding doors), it provides LED lighting and a built-in ice maker in black stainless steel.
  4. WRS321SDHW Whirlpool: This model has a height of 66 5/8″ and a depth of 28”. It features LED lighting and a built-in ice maker in white.
  5. WRT311FZDB Whirlpool: It offers 33-inch wide shelves and humidity-controlled crisper drawers, making it a 66-inch tall refrigerator with significant storage capability.
  6. RT18M6215SG Samsung: This refrigerator has a height of 66 3/4 inches, a width of 28 3/4 inches, and a depth of 31 7/8 inches. It features black stainless steel, an automatic ice maker, adjustable shelves, and reversible doors.
  7. WRT511SZDB Whirlpool: It comes with adjustable glass shelves and crisper drawer door bins, standing at 66 inches tall with a width of 32 inches and interior LED lighting. It is 32 inches deep.
  8. GTS22KMNRDS GE: This unit measures 66 inches in height, 32 inches in width, and 34 inches in depth. It has adjustable glass shelves, spill-proof glass shelves, and upfront temperature controls, with a capacity of 21.9 cu feet.
  9. WRT541SZDW Whirlpool: Featuring wall-to-wall frameless glass shelves, humidity-controlled crisper drawers, and adjustable gallon door bins, this refrigerator also includes LED interior lighting, electronic temperature control, and humidity control. It stands at 66 inches tall.
  10. FGHT2055VD Frigidaire: With adjustable glass shelves and an excellent cooling system, this model maintains a stable internal temperature. It also has crisp seal crispers with auto humidity and a built-in ice maker, offering ample fridge space at a height of 66 3/8 inches and a depth of 28 1/4 inches.
  11. GTS22KGNRBB GE: This refrigerator has adjustable glass shelves, upfront temperature controls, and a smooth door finish. It is 66 inches tall and has a slip-proof freezer floor.
  12. WRT541SZDB Whirlpool: At 66 inches in height, it offers ample refrigerator space, humidity-controlled crispers, and a width of 32 3/4 inches.

What is the refrigerator apartment size

Normally refrigerator apartment size plays a vital role in ensuring usage of a refrigerator in tight spaces. It is a top-quality refrigerator that has a unique style. It is a versatile product. We can use it for various purposes.


Refrigerators that are 66 inches tall are a common size in the market. These refrigerators are versatile, offering a variety of features that make them energy-efficient and effective. They provide an excellent solution for preserving food, allowing for easy storage of fresh and safe food items.

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