Refrigerator isn’t cooling

It is problem for food safety when the refrigerator isn’t cooling. Currently refrigerant is a common appliance in our daily life. When the refrigerator is not cooling it is difficult for us to keep the food items fresh. We also can’t make ice cream frozen. At first, we need to identify the problems and after that, it is essential to take steps according to the problems. When we need simple maintenance we should do general cleaning, defrosting and some other simple tasks. If we do not feel confident we should not do work with our own hands. In this situation, we need to communicate with the professional technicians and the customer services.

refrigerator isnt cooling

Why is the refrigerator not cooling?

We can see many reasons behind the refrigerator isn’t cooling. Here is the description of them.

1. We can face problems with the inadequate power supply. We need to check the power supply cord and unplug it from the electrical socket.

2. We need to check the thermostat. We need to ensure that it works properly. We need to check the temperature setting.

3. We need to check the condenser fan. The condenser fan can be blocked due to dust, dirt, and pet hair. As a result, we do not get good efficiency from the refrigerator due to dirty condenser coils.

4. The refrigerator is not cooling due to the evaporator fan problem. Every refrigerator has an evaporator system. The evaporator coil takes out heat from the appliance. An evaporator fan is used to cool the coil. When we have a defective fan the refrigerator could be warm. The refrigerator temperature could be high.

5. Ventilation airflow block problem also can be seen. All ventilations inside and outside of the fridge can be blocked by dust and debris. They hamper the proper efficiency of the compressor and the other components. Due to this problem, we can’t get the proper temperature inside the fridge.

6. The seals on the fridge door can wear out. They can also become dirty. As a result, the door can’t be closed tightly. In this case, we face the bad temperature effect in the refrigerator compartment. It causes a long compressor run and more electricity bills.

7. When the compressor does not work properly we can also see the refrigerator is not cooling. The compressor is the main part of the refrigerator. It is used to increase the pressure and temperature of the vaporized refrigerant.

8. When defrost system does not work correctly we can see the problem the refrigerator isn’t cooling. Defrost can happen due to the following reasons.

1. Defective defrost timer.

We can control defrost cycle. When the component breaks the fridge can’t switch between cooling and the defrost mode.

2. Faulty defrost heater.

When we have a faulty defrost heater we can’t melt frost properly. The frosting is accumulated on the cooling coil. As a result, airflow is hampered inside the fridge.

3. Bad defrost thermostat.

When we have a bad defrost thermostat we can’t get the active cooling temperature. Due to a faulty defrost, the thermostat fridge can’t defrost properly. As a result, we can find excessive frost on the cooling coil.

9. When the temperature control board is not good we face problems with the cooling cycle from refrigeration to defrosting. The Control board takes input from the temperature control thermostat. When it has defects cooling functions can’t work properly.

How to solve the problems for the refrigerator is not cooling.

There are various reasons for the refrigerator is not cooling. For ensuring a proper cooling process we need to solve them. Here is the description of the solutions.

1. In case of lack of power supply we need to plug-in back the appliance to the socket.

2. When we face the thermostat setting problem we need to set the right temperature setting.

3. When the condenser fan becomes dirty we need to clean them. Before cleaning first, We need to unplug the refrigerator from the power source. We need to clean them with a brush or trowel. If we want to replace it should communicate with professionals.

4. Faulty evaporator fan motor can cause evaporator fan problems. We can also see a broken evaporator fan problem. We need to clean or replace the faulty fan. If we need we can communicate with the professional technicians.

5. We need to clean all ventilation openings regularly. For removing dust and debris we can use the hand attachment on a vacuum cleaner for the external ones.

6. When we see the seals on the fridge door are worn out we need to clean the gasket with soapy water. We also need to clean the places that are touched by the gaskets. If we do not get the proper result from the seal in this case we need to replace it.

7. When we face a problem with the compressor we need to check it. If we can’t turn on the fridge we need to communicate with the professional technicians.

Why is the freezer not cooling?

We can see many reasons for the freezer is not cooling. Here is the description of them.

1. We need to check the defrost system. We need to clean the evaporator coil regularly so that ice can’t be formed. For solving the defrost system problems we need to communicate with the technician.

2. We need to check the temperature sensor. It is essential for us to detect the temperature in the air inside our refrigerator. We can’t maintain the proper temperature when we have a defective sensor. We need to replace it.

3. We can also face an evaporator fan problem. It can be broken or clogged. We need to defrost it. We need to replace it when it is damaged.

Where to buy refrigerator for cheap

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When we have a refrigerator we can face the problem that the refrigerator is not cooling. it is really good when we can solve the problems easily but if we can’t solve the problems we need to communicate with the professional technicians. Hope this article will help us more to increase our knowledge.

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