How to measure a tv for a wall mount

Currently, for wall-mounted TVs, we should know how to measure a TV for a wall mount. This type of TV can be easily carried from one place to another. It can also be easily fitted onto a wall. Wall-mounted TVs have holes in the back for the bracket. When buying flat-screen TVs, we should check for a VESA sign on them. Size does not matter for wall mounting, but knowing the weight of the TV is essential. The wall mount bracket must be capable of holding the TV’s weight. When we buy a TV, it is also crucial to choose the right wall mount bracket to ensure it can support the TV properly; otherwise, damage could occur.

how to measure a tv for a wall mount

How we can measure a tv for a wall mount ? 

We should know how to measure a TV for a wall mount properly. It is not difficult to measure a TV for display; we can do it quite easily. In most cases, it only takes a few seconds. We need to locate the four holes on the back of our television. We should measure from left to right and from top to bottom to determine the horizontal and vertical distances between the holes. Additionally, we can obtain the screen measurements from the manufacturer. As a result, we can ascertain the actual height, width, and depth of the TV.

How Can we mount tv on a wall ?

To solve the problem of how to measure a TV for a wall mount, it is essential for the TV brackets to fit the hole patterns on the back of the TV. When buying a TV, we should check the VESA size. According to the VESA size, we can select the perfect bracket that can be easily mounted on the wall. For fitting, we should choose a bracket with a VESA number that matches the TV’s VESA number. Some manufacturers may not adhere to this standard. In such cases, they produce TV brackets, as well as adjustable brackets, that can fit any hole configuration properly.

Different types of TV wall mounts 

We can find different models. When we buy Tv wall mounts we need to consider flexibility, adjustability, and price. 

1. Low profile Tv brackets

We can easily install these types of brackets. They are very affordable and can securely hold large TVs.

Tilting TV Brackets
They are also easy to install. However, they are more expensive compared to low-profile TV brackets.

3. Full motion tv brackets 

When we use it, it ensures great flexibility. In case of installation we face difficulties.

4. Ceiling tv brackets 

We can use them when we don’t have enough space. They allow for easy adjustment of the screen and also enable the screen to be moved 360 degrees horizontally. Before purchasing, we should check the weight of the TV and refer to the manual instructions of the brackets for specifications.

Description of the methods of how to measure a tv for a wall mount

There are several methods to measure a TV. By following these methods, we can solve the problem of how to measure a TV for a wall mount. We can follow two methods:

We can do it by determining the TV dimensions.

We should ensure that the TV is appropriate for the display space.

 1. How to get the actual size 

We need to measure the screen diagonally from corner to corner to confirm the advertised size; TV models do not matter. To find the width, we need to measure the horizontal distance from side to side using a measuring tape. To get the height, we must measure from the top to the bottom. We can also determine the depth by measuring from front to back.

2. Perfect tv size for display space 

We should know the exact dimensions of the display area. This requires measuring the height and width of the space. It’s also important to know the size of the cabinet and entertainment center, including the center height, center line distance, and the exact center.

When fitting a TV into wall space, we should allow 2-3 inches of clearance in the display size. The space should be at least half a hand’s width larger than the actual size of the television.

Selecting the ideal screen size is crucial for clear visibility from any area within the room, ensuring optimal viewing conditions. An ideal viewing distance should be maintained. Before purchasing, we can use online viewing distance calculators to find the perfect screen size.

Additionally, we must ensure the correct aspect ratio for the best picture quality. Without the proper height and width, we cannot enjoy the optimal display image.


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Currently, TV is a powerful mass medium. It has a significant impact on our lives, providing news, entertainment, and education. To ensure the best viewing experience, we need to install it properly. This article should help us understand how to measure a TV for wall mounting, enabling us to choose the right TV for the right space.

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