Kenmore refrigerator fan not working

When owning a Kenmore refrigerator, one might encounter a situation where the Kenmore refrigerator fan is not operating correctly. It’s crucial for the fan to function consistently alongside the compressor and other components. If the compressor is running but the fan isn’t, it’s important to investigate. A malfunctioning fan can lead to an increase in refrigerant temperature and potentially cause the compressor to overheat, which may lead to food spoilage. While many older and smaller refrigerators may not have fans, most contemporary models are equipped with two: one to cool the compressor and another to push air through the external coils.

Kenmore refrigerator fan not working

How to check the compressor and Kenmore refrigerator fan not working

When the compressor and the fan in a Kenmore refrigerator are not functioning, it’s important to conduct a series of tests to diagnose the problem. Initially, ensure that the power cord is securely connected and that the electrical outlet is providing the correct voltage, typically around 120 volts. Check the cleanliness of the fan blades, as accumulated dirt can hinder their operation. Utilize a multimeter to test for continuity in the fan; if an open circuit is detected, the compressor may struggle to operate effectively, and the fan might require replacement. It’s crucial to find an exact match for the replacement part. If you are not comfortable performing these tasks, it’s advisable to engage a licensed technician for assistance. A non-working compressor and fan can lead to insufficient cooling and potentially spoil food.

Kenmore refrigerator fan not working 

When the fan of a Kenmore refrigerator is not operating, initially, clean the fan blades and make sure they can rotate without obstruction. If any debris is blocking the blades, remove it to allow free movement. Additionally, the cooling system may not receive the necessary signal to run if there is a malfunctioning thermostat. Therefore, it is advisable to test the resistance of the thermistor. Subsequently, adjust the temperature setting to the lowest possible point and monitor the condition of the fan to see if it begins to operate. If these steps do not resolve the issue, it may be time to consult a professional technician.

Kenmore refrigerator fan not running 

The Kenmore refrigerator fan may not be running due to issues with the condenser fan motor. If the condenser fan blades are covered in dust, they may fail to circulate cool air within the refrigerator effectively. It is important to clean not just the fan blades but also the condenser fan motor kit. For cleaning, you can use a vacuum cleaner, either a canister or an upright model. However, ensure that you unplug the refrigerator from the power source before cleaning and inspecting the fan motor. Dirty condenser coils can also hinder fan movement due to the accumulation of grime, so these coils should be cleaned with a brush. Upon inspection of the fan, verify that the blades are capable of rotation. If the blades do not move freely, it may be necessary to replace the fan.

Kenmore refrigerator fan noise 

Normally, the Kenmore refrigerator fan operates quietly within the kitchen. If any noise is detected, it warrants an immediate check. Noise may occur when the fan encounters a problem with rotation. This could be due to a loose defrost heating wire. When defrosting issues arise, ice may start to accumulate, which in turn can interfere with the evaporator coils’ function. If ice builds up, it can prevent the evaporator fan from circulating air properly around the coils. This accumulation of ice is often the cause of the loud noise heard from the unit. It’s important to regularly defrost and keep the evaporator coils clean to avoid these issues.

Kenmore refrigerator fan frozen problem 

We may encounter a situation where the fan in the Kenmore refrigerator becomes frozen, potentially due to a loose seal around the evaporator coils. To rectify this issue, it is necessary to seal any gaps and ensure that the seal is secure. Additionally, this freezing problem can arise from storing uncovered food in the refrigerator, which contributes to moisture in the air. This moisture can lead to ice accumulation on the fan during the defrosting cycle. The defrost heater is designed to melt this ice, and the resulting water should drain into the drip tray. However, if the water does not properly drain and refreezes, it can lead to ice buildup, which may impede the fan’s functionality, ultimately causing the Kenmore refrigerator fan to stop working.

 Loose heating clip

 A small metal clip is connected to the heating wire and drip tray. Due to the metal clip loose problem, We can’t transfer heat to the drip tray to melt any ice. As a result ice buildup is another problem of Kenmore refrigerator fan not working.

Kenmore refrigerator fan runs constantly 

Even though the Kenmore refrigerator is designed to run continuously, the fan within it should not operate without ceasing. The fan’s role is to cycle warm air out and draw cooler air in. If we notice the fan running incessantly, it might be necessary to adjust the internal temperature settings of the fridge. Placing the refrigerator in a warm room may externally prompt the fan to run constantly to combat the higher ambient temperatures. Problems with the temperature control thermostat or the defrost control module could lead to an inability to power down the compressor, resulting in continuous operation. If the defrost mode is not functioning correctly, that too should be investigated. Checking the temperature control board is also a recommended step. If technical issues persist, contacting a service technician is advisable. A malfunctioning evaporator fan or a damaged evaporator fan motor can contribute to this problem; the evaporator fan is responsible for distributing air over the evaporator coils while the compressor is active. If there is a fault with the fan, it can cause the compressor’s fan to run nonstop to try to maintain the cool environment. Examination of the evaporator fan motor kit is important in this case, and if necessary, it is prudent to reach out to an appliance technician for professional assistance.

Samsung fridge not cooling but freezer works

We can face the problem of the Samsung fridge not cooling but the freezer works. In the freezer, we can keep perishable items below 0 degrees celsius. On the other hand, we can keep food fresh by refrigeration. Samsung is a smart fridge.


Kenmore refrigerators come with a variety of functional options and attractive designs. However, issues such as the fan not working can arise. There are multiple potential reasons for this problem, and it is crucial first to diagnose the issue accurately. Once the problem is identified, we can take appropriate steps to resolve it. This article aims to assist in pinpointing the issues and offering solutions.

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