Kenmore refrigerator fan not working

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 When we have a Kenmore refrigerator We can face Kenmore refrigerator fan not working problem. Kenmore refrigerator should run continuously with the compressor and other components work. We should check when the compressor and fan are not working. Due to fan problems, the temperature of the refrigerant will rise. In the case of the compressor, we can also see overheating problems. As a result, food may spoil. Many old refrigerators and small refrigerators do not have fans. But currently, most modern refrigerators have two fans. One is used to cool the compressor and the other is used to force air through exterior coils.

Kenmore refrigerator fan not working

How to check the compressor and Kenmore refrigerator fan not working

When we see the compressor and Kenmore refrigerator fan not working we need to test them. At

first, we should ensure that components get enough power. The power cord should be fully plugged.

The electric outlet should be given up to 120V. We should check the fan blades and ensure that they are clean. By using a multimeter we need to check the fan continuity. When we see the open circuit it isn’t easy to work for a compressor. Then we should replace it. We need an exact replacement. If we do not do this we can hire a licensed technician to do this. When the compressor and fan do not work we can see the cooling problem.

Kenmore refrigerator fan not working 

When we see the Kenmore refrigerator fan not working at first we should clean the blades. We should ensure that blades can rotate freely. If we find anything that blocks the ball from rotating we need to clean the item. We can also see that the cooling system does not get a signal for running due to a faulty thermostat. We should check the thermistor resistance.

We need to adjust the temperature setting to the lowest setting and observe the fan condition.

Kenmore refrigerator fan not running 

We can also see that the Kenmore refrigerator fan not running due to a condenser fan motor problem. We can face the problem that the condenser fan blade can be dusted. As a result condenser fan blade can’t deliver cool air inside the refrigerator. We should also clean the condenser fan motor kit. We can use the vacuum cleaner for cleaning. We can use a canister vacuum as well as an upright vacuum. Before cleaning and inspecting the fan motor we need to unplug the refrigerator from the power source. We need to clean dirty condenser coils. The fan can’t move due to the buildup of dirt. We need to clean dirty condenser coils with the brush. When we inspect the fan we should sure that the blades are rotating. If the blades do not move we should change the fan.

Kenmore refrigerator fan noise 

Normally, the Kenmore refrigerator fan works quietly in the kitchen. When we hear any sound we should check it. We can hear noise when the fan faces a rotation problem. Defrost heating wire could be loose. Due to defrosting problems ice begins to accumulate. As a result evaporator coils face problems. Due to ice problems, the evaporator fan can’t circulate air around the coils. Due to the ice building, we hear the loud noise. We need to keep clean frozen evaporator coils.

Kenmore refrigerator fan frozen problem 

We can see the frozen problem on the fan. It can happen due to a loose seal around the evaporator coil. We need to fill up the gap and make the seal tight. We can also see this type of problem due to uncovered food. Uncovered food causes moisture into the air. Ice can accumulate on the fan due to defrosting cycle with increased moisture. Defrost heater is used to melt the ice. After melting the ice the water remains in the drip tray.  Water then becomes refrozen. After that water becomes accumulates to refreeze. As a result, we can face the Kenmore refrigerator fan not working.

 Loose heating clip

 A small metal clip is connected to the heating wire and drip tray. Due to the metal clip loose problem, We can’t transfer heat to the drip tray to melt any ice. As a result ice buildup is another problem of Kenmore refrigerator fan not working.

Kenmore refrigerator fan runs constantly 

Though the Kenmore refrigerator run constantly fan should not run constantly. We use a fan for circulating warm air out and cool air in. When we see the fan running constantly we need to adjust the proper temperature settings inside the fridge. If we keep the fridge in the warm room external heat can cause the fan to run constantly. When the temperature control thermostat and defrost control module have problems we can’t supply the power to the compressor to turn off. defrost mode can’t work properly. We should also check the temperature control board. We should communicate with the service technician to solve the problem. A faulty evaporator fan and broken evaporator fan motor also can cause problems. The evaporator fan passes air around the evaporator coils when the compressor running. Cooling air can’t be circulated due to a fan problem. As a result compressor fan runs constantly. We should check the evaporator fan motor kit. We should also communicate with the appliance technician for solving this problem.

Samsung fridge not cooling but freezer works

We can face the problem of the Samsung fridge not cooling but the freezer works. In the freezer, we can keep perishable items below 0 degrees celsius. On the other hand, we can keep food fresh by refrigeration. Samsung is a smart fridge.


Kenmore refrigerator has several function options with great design. But we can face Kenmore refrigerator fan not working. There are various reasons behind this problem. At first, we need to identify the problems, and then we need to solve the problems properly. Hope this article will help us to identify the problems and solutions.

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