Samsung fridge not cooling but freezer works

We can face the problem of the Samsung fridge not cooling but the freezer works. In the freezer, we can keep perishable items below 0 degrees celsius. On the other hand, we can keep food fresh by refrigeration. Samsung is a smart fridge. Most of cases homeowners face problems with ice maker issues. Besides this, we can face some other problems. Most of the cases we can solve the problems in our home. When we can’t solve the problems we should communicate with the Samsung repair centre

Samsung fridge not cooling but freezer works

Why does the Samsung fridge not cooling but freezer works?

There are various reasons behind the Samsung fridge not cooling but the freezer works. Here is the description of them.

1. At first we need to check the condenser coils. Dirty condenser coils can cause problems. The condenser absorbs heat from the refrigerant when the refrigerant passes through the coil. In this way, the condenser helps to keep the fridge cool. When the condenser becomes dirty it does not work properly. As a result in the case of cooling, we can face problems. It is one of the problems for Samsung fridge not cooling but the freezer works.

2. When we use the refrigerator for a long time. the evaporator can be frosted.  As a result, the frosted evaporator blocks the circulation of cold air in the fridge. It is another problem of Samsung fridge not cooling but freezer works.

3. We can also face this problem due to the evaporator fan frosted. In this case, the evaporator fan motor can’t work. The evaporator fan circulates the cooling air to the refrigerator. Fan blades can’t work properly when the fan is frosted over. As a result, the refrigerator can’t get proper cooling air.

4. Defective defrost heater is another problem. Defrost heater is used to defrost any frost that may form in the evaporator. As a result evaporator coil gets frosted. Due to frost cooling, air can’t pass properly in the refrigerator.

5. We can face problems due to faulty thermistors or temperature sensors. A thermistor plays a vital role to keep the proper temperature. When it has problems, it can’t keep hold temperature setting. It can’t keep the correct temperature.

6. Defrost thermostat plays a vital role to heat up the evaporator. The evaporator fan can be frosted over.

7. We can also face problems when the main control board does not work.

8. Damper control assembly also causes problems. We need proper air damper control. It is located behind the refrigerator’s back panel near the top of the fridge. We should check the damper condition.

9. Defective temperature control board also causes problems to the compressor and fan motors. It hampers supplying voltage. Before replacing we need to check the components of the refrigerators.

10. We should also check to defrost the timer. It controls the power flow to the defrost heater. Defrost heater can’t work due to a defective defrost timer. Due to the faulty defrost, system frogs can continue to store on the evaporator coils. It is hard for the refrigerator to remove heat. As a result, we can face the refrigerator warm. How to solve the problems

For solving the problem of the Samsung fridge, not cooling but the freezer works we need to take troubleshooting steps. Here is the description of them.

1. We need to check the condenser. When we see it is dirty we need to switch off the fridge and clean the dirty condenser.

2. When the evaporator coil gets frosted we need to change the defective defrost temperature sensor.

3. For monitoring fridge temperature properly we use a thermistor. It shows the internal temperature. When it has a problem it does not supply temperature to the temperature control board. We can test thermistor resistance by using a multimeter.

4. Fridge can’t work properly when the main control board is faulty. After checking the critical components we need to replace them.

5. When the defrost timer is defective we need to advance the dial into the defrost cycle. We need to turn on the heater and turn off the compressor. The defrost cycle can’t provide power to the defrost components or advance out of the defrost cycle within 30 minutes we should change it.

Besides the above things we should also ensure that the doors are not torn or dirty. Dirty seals can cause gaps. As a result, warm air can enter into the space. In this way, cooling is affected. When we see the dirty seals we need to clean them quickly so that the refrigerator can gain the temperature again.

How to reset Samsung fridge

When we face something wrong we need to reset it. Here are the instructions that we need to follow to reset 

1. When we need to reset the fridge at first we should unplug it. After that, we need to wait five minutes so that the electrical charge can go away. Then we need to give power to it.

2. When we need to reset the family hub screen we should use the red switch that is located inside the top of the right door.

3. For factor reset family hub at first we need to navigate to settings, then select about the family hub, after that select factory data reset, then select reset. Finally, select rest again when prompted and then select delete all data.

LG inverter linear refrigerator not cooling

When we have lg refrigerator we can face the problem of lg inverter linear refrigerator not cooling. This type of refrigerator plays a vital role to keep food fresh longer. It can do this by reducing temperature fluctuations.


A refrigerator is an essential appliance in our daily life. Samsung is a good quality brand. When we have Samsung fridge it is a common issue for the Samsung fridge not cooling but the freezer works. Due to the problem, it is really difficult to keep food fresh. When we face this problem we need to take some necessary steps.If we can identify the problems and take the necessary steps hope we can solve the problems easily.

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