Samsung large capacity washer

When we have a household of more than five people, we can opt for the Samsung large-capacity washer, which offers a maximum capacity of 5.5 cu. ft. With this type of washer, we can handle loads of laundry weighing between 20-25 pounds. For a large family, a washing machine with a capacity of 4.5 cubic feet or more is advisable as it can also accommodate king-size duvets and comforters. Samsung is a reliable brand, known for requiring less servicing and for being the highest-ranking manufacturer in customer satisfaction. If we’re looking for the best option for a large family’s laundry needs, a Samsung washer is an excellent choice.

samsung large capacity washer

How can we know about large-capacity washers?

When we consider Samsung large-capacity washers, we understand that large-capacity models can offer 7.0 cu. ft. of washing space or more. Washers with over 5 cu. ft. are categorized as large-capacity. A drum that is about half full is considered a medium or regular load. For large loads, the drum should be filled to three-quarters full. To accommodate an even larger amount of laundry, fill the drum up to the point where there is just enough space to fit your palm between the clothes and the wall of the drum. It’s worth noting that large-capacity washers typically require more water and energy.

Best Samsung large-capacity washers 

There are many large-capacity washers in the market. Here is a description of some best items that are perfect for large active families.

Samsung WA55A7300AE 5.5 cu. ft. Extra-Large Capacity Smart Top Load Washer with Super Speed Wash.

This item is among the best. It’s perfect for every load, allowing you to cut down on laundry time with its super speed wash feature. You can complete a full load of laundry in just 28 minutes. Integrated with Wi-Fi, it offers cycle alerts and allows for scheduling via smartphone; you can start and stop cycles remotely. The machine delivers exceptional cleaning performance and is equipped with smart and additional features. It boasts a sophisticated design, available in perfect colors that follow great design trends, so you can find the design option you desire. It’s especially suitable for smaller loads.

It comes with a built-in water faucet, enabling you to clean heavily soiled clothes with the press of a button, eliminating the need for a laundry room sink. You can clean items inside the washer itself, ensuring deeper cleaning performance with a deep fill option that maximizes water level during the wash cycle. Extra water is available exactly when needed. If any issues arise, complete troubleshooting is at your disposal. The machine also features vibration reduction technology for quiet operation, and it keeps your wash tub fresh and clean.

Notably energy-efficient, it consumes less energy and is Energy Star certified. A soft-close lid protects you and your family by closing safely. The washer includes a stainless steel pulsator that is more durable and scratch-resistant. It also offers audio assistance, making it easy for anyone to use. With 12 preset washing cycles, it meets almost every washing need for an active family. The premium ivory finish ensures that the washer remains fresh.


This washer is a quick dive into efficiency with its super speed and 10kg washing capacity. It is Energy Star certified, ensuring durability and reliability. With its innovative QuickDrive technology, it can reduce washing time by up to 50%. It features a unique fabric care drum equipped with a pulsator, facilitating quick water flow, so detergent penetrates deeply into clothes in less time.

It ensures great cleaning performance at cooler temperatures, which is perfect for the environment and your bills.

The auto optimal wash feature, with its four sensors, delivers excellent results without any extra effort, adjusting wash time as needed.

You can even add extra clothes during the wash. It’s an intensive stain remover, providing an efficient clean after every soak.

The twin water cycle keeps cycle times short, with a great spin speed rinse. A complete clean cycle is finished in just thirty-nine minutes.

This smart washing machine boasts a quiet digital inverter motor for long-lasting performance, ensuring less noise, vibration, wear, and tear, thanks to its VRT™ technology, which allows for peaceful washing at any time.

The eco drum clean+ cycle cleans the inside of the drum and the rubber seal, while the anti-scale heater avoids unnecessary energy consumption. It’s a smart washer with a large capacity.

The Samsung WA52A5500AC 5.2 cu. ft. large capacity smart top-load washer stands out with its super speed, ensuring quick cycles that can clean a full load in 28 minutes. It features an active water jet and a built-in water faucet, along with Wi-Fi connectivity for easy network integration and standard installation services. Reaching the bottom of the tub to remove clothes post-cycle is easy. Troubleshooting is straightforward, and quiet washing is guaranteed by vibration reduction technology. Its innovative tub design and improved pattern keep the tub fresh and clean. This premium model comes with a soft-close lid for family safety, 12 favorite wash cycles for versatility, and a 20-year warranty on the inverter motor.

Largest portable washing machine


Samsung is the best option, capable of holding more clothes in a single load of laundry. Utilizing fresh, smart technology, it guarantees reliability. This brand is equipped with smart and innovative features, making it a smart washing machine. However, there are additional restrictions. Its use of antimicrobial technology prevents microbial growth, ensuring automatic and effective cleaning. There is no doubt about the quality of its products, and it also provides excellent service quality, making it easy to use.

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