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Before purchasing a new refrigerator, it is essential to consult the best refrigerator consumer reports of 2021. The market offers various types of refrigerators, making it challenging to choose the best one. This article aims to assist us in selecting quality items. Here, we describe the best refrigerator according to consumer reports, which were compiled after surveying Wirecutter readers and analyzing customer reviews. By considering these consumer reports, we can buy the right fridge.

Before buying a new refrigerator It is essential to see the best refrigerator 2021 consumer reports. When we want to buy a new refrigerator we can see different types of refrigerators on the market. It isn't easy to choose the best one. Hope this article will help us to choose the quality items. Here is the description of the best refrigerator consumer reports. After surveying wirecutter readers and analyzing customer reviews these consumer reports are made. We can buy the right fridge by observing these consumer reports.  How we make the consumer reports   We have made the best refrigerator 2021 consumer reports in different ways. We have taken different steps to complete the jobs. Here is the description of them.  1. We have taken a reader survey for a smart refrigerator. We have analyzed the refrigerator reviews. We have asked around six thousand readers about their fridges. Are they satisfied with their fridges and appliances?. Which features do we need?. We have made these reports after getting these answers.  2. We have made consumer reports by analyzing customer reviews. We have analyzed around three thousand customer reviews across 34 fridge models.  3. We have talked with industry experts, brand representatives, suppliers, and dealers.  4. We have visited showrooms to make the great list.  How to pick the smart refrigerator   For picking the smart refrigerator we need to follow the best refrigerator 2021 consumer reports. Here is the steps that we need to follow.  1. We need to take multiple measurements of the space. We need to find the maximum width, depth, and height. As the floor can be crooked we need to take multiple measurements of each dimension.  2. We need to build some buffer space for ventilation. We need  1 inch on the top and sides and 2 inches at the back. In this way, the refrigerator can hold the proper temperature. We can keep a proper cooling system for the refrigerator.  3. We should also measure the rest of the kitchen. When we have a kitchen island we need to measure the distance from the wall to the edge of the counter to account for the door swing.  4. We need to measure the doorways so that we can take the doors off the fridge to get a few extra inches.  5. Before buying we need to select the depth range of the refrigerator. We should choose counter-depth models. We need to choose a counter-depth refrigerator. It has enough capacity. The counter-depth fridge can be arranged easily. It also needs less energy.  6. We should choose freestanding or built-in refrigerators. Before buying we should select one type between them.  7. We need to choose a door style. Most people like french door models. French door refrigerator can be used easily. It also looks trendy. Top freezer models are affordable. We can use them in tight spaces. We can get practical advantages by using the bottom freezer refrigerator.  8. We should also think about the ice maker feature. it can cause ice jams. It can dispense ice through the refrigerator door. But most people like to have this feature.  9. We should also consider the finish. Different models have different finishes. We should choose stainless steel. Different brands have different looks to their stainless. They can be reflective, brushed metal grooves. We can also get neutral, brushed metal finishes. We can also get glossy black and white.  Best refrigerator 2021   We have made the the best refrigerator 2021 consumer reports. After researching and analyzing we have selected some items. Here is the description of some reliable refrigerator brands.  LG  LG refrigerator is one of the best reliable brands that provide the highest satisfaction. There are many smart fridges. Among them, it is the best. It provides good quality items. Customers are really satisfied with the performance of the refrigerator. It plays a vital role in keeping food fresh. We always get fresh food by using this type of refrigerator. It has smart features as well as energy efficiency. The energy consumption rate is not too much.  In the case of customer service, the performance is not at a satisfactory level. As it always maintains the highest quality we don't need the service more. It is one of the best reliable refrigerators. It has the premium feature. We can get premium models from this brand. From surveys, it always gets high ratings. It is a great performer in case of capacity and storage ability. It has a great ice dispenser. It is also a great ice maker. It is very effective for maintaining temperature accuracy and consistency. It has enough positive consumer reviews. It is one of the best brands according to the best refrigerator 2021 consumer reports.  Whirpool   It is another great brand that has durable features. It is one of the best durable refrigerator brands. We can get it in different types. They all have good quality. They are energy efficient. We can get it at an affordable price range. By using whirlpool refrigerators we can keep the electric bill in a limited range. When we have french door fridges we can get various types of features. In this case, it has tiered freezer storage, enough side shelves, and LED lighting. It has adjustable gallon door bins, indoor ice storage. It has excellent temperature control. For keeping frozen food in good condition, we can keep this electric refrigerator on the reliable refrigerator list. It has great quality. It is also a long-lasting product. It has an energy-efficient design. It has an affordable price range. It also ensures customer satisfaction at a maximum level.It is one of the best brands according to the best refrigerator 2021 consumer reports.  GE  When we buy this we should not worry about lack of reliability. It is always listed in top 10 reliable appliance. It has enough marks for reliability. It is a famous product that has an innovative design. It has durable features. It has an energy star. The price range is not more than other brands. In this brand, the french door refrigerator is more expensive because we can get several features like door in door storage, hand-free water dispenser, wifi etc. It has higher-end model. We can keep the coffee maker in a snap. It has an led light as well as excellent temperature control. It is a food fresher. It has enough space for food. It has excellent customer service. It has no complaints of longevity issues. We should not worry about the lack of longevity. It ensures enough duration.  Kitchen aid   It is a top freezer refrigerator. It has many configurations. It has great freezer space. it has several built-in models. We can get french doors, side by side, top freezer, and bottom-freezer models here. We can also get the counter-depth models with tall storage. It has long-lasting features. We can control the targeted temperature here. It has great designer appliances as well as kitchen appliances. It has a hefty price. For food processor units we can use it easily. It can keep foods at eye level.  Samsung   Samsung is another well-known brand. It has a family hub feature. We can find different types of smart features here. It has a great storage option. According to yale appliance service rate is not at a satisfactory level. It has great space. It is a good-looking top freezer model with flashy features. It has more than forty models. Customers of this brand are not satisfied like LIke, GE, Whirpool, etc. It has some common issues with temperature control, leaking, faulty parts, etc. Some parts are also not available. According to the yale appliance service rate, in 2020 service rate is 20.9%. On the other hand in 2021 service rate is 8.4%. This is the second-lowest service rate.  Frequent service issues   We need frequent service issues for several common factors. We get frequent service calls rate for the following factors. When we face problems we need to communicate with the customer service and see the user manual.   1. Ice maker failure is one of the common issues. It impacts the current model. In this case, we face leak and low ice output problem.  2. We can face a thermostat malfunction problem. The refrigerator can become clogged. Cold spots are created.  3. We can face leak water problems from the waterline, defrost drain, and ice maker. Faulty water can hamper for the fridge.  4. Ice can be built up in freezes. As a result freezer drawers can freeze shut.  5. Currently we can see the advanced technology. We can see the touchscreen refrigerator. This type of feature could cause problems.  Conclusion  There are various types of refrigerators on the market. Before buying we should see the best refrigerator 2021 consumer reports. This is a quality report. Hope this report will help us to choose the best refrigerator.

How we make the consumer reports 

We have compiled the best refrigerator consumer reports for 2021 using various methods. Here is a description of the steps we took:

We conducted a reader survey on smart refrigerators and analyzed the reviews. We queried approximately six thousand readers about their satisfaction with their refrigerators and appliances and which features they consider necessary. We created these reports based on the responses received.

We developed consumer reports by examining around three thousand customer reviews for 34 refrigerator models.

We consulted with industry experts, brand representatives, suppliers, and dealers to gather their insights.

We visited showrooms to compile an exceptional list of refrigerators.

How to pick the smart refrigerator 

To select the best smart refrigerator, we should refer to the top consumer reports from 2023. Here are the steps to follow:

Measure the space multiple times for maximum width, depth, and height, accounting for any uneven flooring by taking several measurements of each dimension.

Allow buffer space for ventilation—1 inch on the top and sides, and 2 inches at the back—to maintain proper temperature and cooling system efficiency.

Measure the rest of the kitchen, including the distance from the wall to the edge of the counter, especially if there is a kitchen island, to ensure door swing can be accommodated.

Check doorway measurements to ensure the refrigerator can fit through; remove the doors of the fridge, if necessary, for a few extra inches.

Decide on the depth range before purchasing; opt for counter-depth models which offer adequate capacity, easy arrangement, and lower energy consumption.

Choose between freestanding or built-in refrigerators based on your kitchen layout and preferences before making a purchase.

Select a door style; French door models are popular for their ease of use and modern appearance, while top freezer models are more affordable and fit tight spaces. Bottom freezer refrigerators offer practical advantages.

Consider the ice maker feature carefully; while it can cause ice jams and requires maintenance, many prefer the convenience of dispensing ice through the door.

Finally, think about the finish. There are various finishes available across different models; choose stainless steel for durability and a modern look, but be aware that different brands have unique takes on stainless, from reflective to neutral, brushed metal grooves. Other options include glossy black and white.

Best refrigerator 2023

We have compiled the best refrigerator consumer reports for 2021 after extensive research and analysis. Here are the details on some reliable refrigerator brands:

LG is a highly reliable brand that delivers exceptional satisfaction. It is celebrated for its smart refrigerators, which offer superior quality and performance, playing a crucial role in keeping food fresh. These refrigerators feature smart technology and energy efficiency, with a reasonable energy consumption rate. Despite customer service being less than satisfactory, the high quality of LG’s refrigerators means service is seldom required. LG refrigerators are praised for their premium features, high ratings from surveys, robust capacity, effective ice dispensers, and precise temperature control. They also have a strong presence in consumer reviews.

Whirlpool stands out for its durable features. It is recognized as one of the most durable brands, offering various models that are energy-efficient and affordably priced. Whirlpool refrigerators help maintain lower electric bills and come with features like tiered freezer storage, ample side shelves, LED lighting, adjustable gallon door bins, and indoor ice storage. They excel in temperature control and are a reliable choice for preserving frozen foods.

GE appliances are synonymous with reliability and are often listed among the top 10 reliable brands. They are noted for their innovation and durability, with the French door models offering features like door-in-door storage, hands-free water dispensers, and Wi-Fi connectivity. GE is known for its food preservation capabilities and spacious interior, along with commendable customer service and longevity.

KitchenAid offers versatile top freezer refrigerators with various configurations and ample freezer space. Customers can choose from French door, side-by-side, top freezer, and bottom freezer models, including counter-depth options with tall storage. KitchenAid appliances are designed for precise temperature management and are known for their long-lasting build and sophisticated designs, although they come with a higher price tag.

Samsung, a well-known electronics brand, features the Family Hub in its refrigerators, alongside various smart capabilities and substantial storage options. Despite a less-than-ideal service rate according to Yale Appliance, with rates dropping from 20.9% in 2020 to 8.4% in 2021, Samsung refrigerators are stylish and offer a wide range of models. Customer satisfaction, however, is not on par with brands like LG, GE, and Whirlpool, and there are reported issues with temperature control, leaks, and unavailable parts.

Frequent service issues arise due to several common factors:

Ice maker failures, leading to leaks and low ice production, are a common problem.
Thermostat malfunctions can cause the refrigerator to become clogged, creating cold spots.
Water leaks from the waterline, defrost drain, or ice maker can damage the fridge.
Ice buildup in the freezer can cause drawers to freeze shut.
Advanced technology, such as touchscreen features, can be problematic in the current models.

Refrigerator that makes ice balls

When we want to buy a refrigerator that makes ice balls we can choose LG. Ball ice always plays a vital role to make our drinking water enjoyable. We should not worry about ice balls melting time. They melt more quickly than our sip.


There is a wide range of refrigerators available in the market. Before making a purchase, we should consult the best refrigerator 2023 consumer reports. This report is known for its quality and is expected to assist us in selecting the ideal refrigerator.

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