Refrigerator that makes ice balls

When we want to buy a refrigerator that makes ice balls, we can opt for LG. Ice balls play a vital role in enhancing our drinking experience. We need not worry about the melting time of ice balls; they melt more slowly than it takes to sip our drinks. Many people love ice and appreciate refrigerators that can produce it. For those who enjoy ice in all their beverages, it is essential to have a refrigerator with an ice maker.

Refrigerator that makes ice balls

What is craft ice ball?

Before purchasing a refrigerator that makes ice balls, we should understand what craft ice balls are. Craft ice balls measure 2 inches, or 5 centimeters, in diameter and have become one of the hottest beverage trends for home kitchens. Drinking various kinds of soft drinks and juices with these ice balls can enhance the experience. Due to their spherical shape, these balls have a smaller surface area in contact with the liquid, which means they do not stick together like traditional ice cubes. Moreover, by using the standard method of freezing, they can avoid trapping air bubbles.

How to make ice balls 

It is possible to make ice balls for craft cocktails without owning an LG refrigerator with a craft ice feature. To do this, we need a high-quality ice mold. First, we fill the mold with water and then allow time for it to freeze. We can also use an ice ball press kit, which utilizes strong magnets to form a sphere from a larger block of ice. This method is useful for producing perfect ice balls for craft cocktail bars. Additionally, molds in the shape of golf balls or disco balls can be used.

LG craft ice 

We can utilize the LG refrigerator that makes ice balls; it is an excellent appliance. This refrigerator features two doors on top and a drawer freezer below. It offers both craft ice and standard ice and water through the door. Although it depends on one’s budget, having the craft ice feature is worthwhile. When purchasing a refrigerator, it is beneficial if it can make ice balls. Although it produces only three ice balls per day, it does so efficiently. Using an ice mold, we can make several ice balls, provided we do not manually remove the spheres when they are frozen. The LG craft ice feature produces smaller balls than molds. Sometimes, we may not get a perfectly round ice ball; there can be a divot on one side, causing the balls to melt more quickly than other ice balls.

A refrigerator that makes ice balls

Here are our top-choice refrigerators that make ice balls, featuring the craft ice function. These impressive fridges come with built-in ice makers. Below is their description.

1. The LG LRMXS2806S Instaview

It is an entry-level refrigerator with craft ice. It has many key features. It is a flexible fridge.

1. It has a large capacity.

2. We get double freezer drawers here.

3. It has a pantry that controls temperature.

4. It has a water dispenser with a pharmaceutical water filter.

It is a slow melting craft ice maker. It has a great stylish. It has a fingerprint as well as a smudge-resistant finish.

2. The LG LRMVS2806D

It is another refrigerator for craft drinks. It is a beautiful fridge. It has exclusive features. Here is the description of them.

  1. The capacity is 28 cubic feet. It is enough.

2. It has double freezer drawers.

3. It has a dual ice maker with craft ice.

4. It has a water dispenser with a pharmaceutical filter.

5. It has great customer service.

it has great access to food. For its exclusive feature, we do not see cold airless sharply. As a result, we can keep our favourite foods safer. We can see the slow melt here. Spheres are melted slowly here.

3. The Bosch 500 Series French-door refrigerator

This fridge is an excellent addition to the kitchen. As a rapid ice maker, it performs any task quickly. Thanks to its QuickIcePro system, we can easily access more than 40 cups of freshly filtered ice daily. It consistently provides clean, filtered water and ice. This refrigerator also helps to keep our ice well-hydrated. Although it is a luxury fridge, it is available at an affordable price. We can utilize this refrigerator to make ice balls.

4. The Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Refrigerator

It is a great pleasure for us to have four-door refrigerators as well as counter-depth refrigerators in our home. These are beautiful fridges with precise specifications and attractive colors. They are flexible, offering ample space. With these refrigerators, we can make standard ice cubes and ice balls. They are available in several colors.

Ice maker problems and solution 

Ice maker features indeed play a vital role in refrigerators. However, ice makers do not always function perfectly; they can present several problems. First, we should identify these issues and then find solutions. Here are descriptions of some common problems along with their solutions.

  1. We can face the problem that ice maker does not produce ice. At first, we need to ensure that the ice maker is on. It has a ball wire that controls the on and off. We should check that the ball wire is in the down position. It is essential to check the water inlet valve when we see the ice maker is on but it does not produce ice. It can be happened due to power supply, pressure settings, faulty water valves etc. We need to communicate with professional technicians for solving the problems.

2. We can face another problem when the ice maker does not eject ice. This problem can be happened due to the ice maker’s motor assembly problem. We need to communicate with a professional technician.

3. Ice maker can be frozen. We can’t get the new ice. The tube is clogged with ice. We need to melt down the ice by using a hairdryer and pouring warm water.

4. We can face that the ice maker does not turn off. There are various reasons behind this problem. It can be caused malfunctioning ball wire system. It can also be happened due to internal components problems. We need to communicate with professional technicians for solving the problems.

Kenmore refrigerator fan not working

When we have a Kenmore refrigerator We can face Kenmore refrigerator fan not working problem. Kenmore refrigerator should run continuously with the compressor and other components work. We should check when the compressor and fan are not working.


The ice maker is an excellent feature in refrigerators and an important part of our daily lives. Consequently, a refrigerator that makes ice balls is a necessity. Hopefully, these articles will help us learn more about such appliances.

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