Whirlpool washer with removable agitator

When we have a Whirlpool washer with a removable agitator, we gain easy access to a water stream, which helps remove loose soil from our clothes and other items effectively. Non-agitator machines can provide good cleaning performance, but they may not clean as thoroughly as machines with agitators. For those who regularly engage in outdoor work, agitators play a crucial role in deep cleaning. When comparing an impeller to an agitator, we observe that a top-load washer with an impeller typically takes longer to complete the wash cycle than one with an agitator.

whirlpool washer with removable agitator

Is it worth buying a whirlpool washer with removable agitator? 

If we aim to enhance our washing experience, we should consider purchasing a Whirlpool washer with a removable agitator. It is particularly effective against tough dirt and grime, thanks to its high-speed spin cycles, enabling us to clean stains easily and swiftly. When using it, we need not worry about the cleanliness of our laundry. However, for delicate items, non-agitator machines are preferable as they cause less wear and tear to clothes. While gentle motion may result in less damage, it can also be less effective at cleaning. In the market, there are various models available; here are descriptions of some of the best options.

4.7–4.8 Cu. Ft. Top Load Washer with 2 in 1 Removable Agitator(Model-WTW5057LW)

This washer is a 2-in-1 model featuring a removable agitator. It includes a built-in water faucet and offers a deep water wash option along with a presoak option. The washer is equipped with a smooth spiral stainless steel wash basket, and the agitator can be removed to create more space for bulky items. Additionally, the built-in faucet allows for pretreating stains right inside the washer, helping to remove loose soil. This machine automatically adds more water to loads, ensuring soiled clothes are thoroughly cleaned. There’s no need to worry about extra items; soaking and washing can be done in one cycle, with the presoak option initiating a wash after a 30-minute presoak.

This washer also boasts additional features, including a smooth impeller option, which cleans by rubbing fabrics against each other. The EasyView slow-close glass lid allows for monitoring the laundry during the wash.

The lid lock feature ensures safety, which can be unlocked at any time by pressing the start/pause button, and automatically locks when the load sensing phase begins.

Moreover, it features a 360 wash agitator option and a quick wash cycle that can clean small, lightly soiled loads in just 30 minutes. It is efficient enough to wash two baskets of clothes in a single load.

For thorough detergent and mess cleanup, it offers an extra rinse option. To maintain the machine, it includes an Affresh cycle option, which cleans the washer with a specialized cleaner tablet or liquid chlorine bleach.

5.2 – 5.3 cu. ft. Top Load Washer with 2 in 1 Removable Agitator(WTW8127LW)

This washer is a versatile 2-in-1 appliance with a removable agitator. It features a Load & Go dispenser, a dual temperature faucet, and a brush. The deep water wash option provides extra water to effectively break down loose soils. Being a smart washer, it is equipped with advanced features that allow you to soak, scrub, and wash all in one spot, thanks to the built-in dual temperature faucet and pretreat brush which offer quick and easy access. You can even add detergent directly to the water stream to help prevent stains from setting in. This washer is capable of thoroughly cleaning heavily soiled clothes and offers eight cycle combinations to ensure proper fabric care.

The machine includes an automatic presoak option where you can set the washer to soak for 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes. It then adds water and detergent to soak before automatically starting the wash cycle.

With adaptive wash technology, the washer adjusts water levels and wash actions according to the type of load, providing an optimal clean with an instant water stream.

The delay start option allows you to schedule a cycle up to 12 hours in advance, so you can have your laundry ready even when you’re not at home.

It also features quick wash cycles for cleaning small, lightly soiled loads in just 30 minutes, as well as a quiet action option that ensures a noise-free operation thanks to its sound-absorbing materials.

The washer has the capacity to clean two baskets of dirty clothes in a single load, making larger loads manageable and ensuring thorough cleaning.

During the wash, you can easily check on your laundry through the slow-close glass lid, giving you a clear view without any haste.

This washer is designed to clean effectively, offering a flexible capacity where you can either keep the agitator in or switch to the impeller to make more room for washing bulky items.

For added cleanliness, there’s a sanitize cycle with an Oxi additive that effectively eliminates household bacteria.

It’s also ENERGY STAR certified, ensuring energy efficiency to save on natural resources and reduce your utility bills.

The washer can self-clean with the Affresh cycle, using a washing machine cleaner tablet to cleanse the interior.

Additionally, the spin speed can reach up to 850 rpm, allowing for quick moisture removal from clothes and reducing dryer time.

Equipped with a direct drive motor, the washer can handle larger loads with fewer moving parts, offering durability and efficiency.

Washing machines with removable agitator


When we own a Whirlpool washer with a removable agitator, cleaning concerns become a thing of the past. It consistently completes cycles in real-time, effectively tackling stubborn stains and spot treatments with its impressive features. In the realm of appliance business, Whirlpool stands out as a distinguished brand. The Whirlpool Corporation boasts an excellent delivery service, ensuring products arrive promptly. Should there be an issue with a defective appliance, customers have the option to submit a request within a 30-day calendar period. Given its robust performance with dirty loads, this washer can be used with confidence.

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